RF Relay Sequencer, 4 ports/3 events

RF Relay Sequencer, 4 ports/3 events


Event sequencer for proper RX to TX transmition, and the return to RX mode. This sequencer based on modern STM32F0 CPU. Internal CPU clocking guarantees high precision and long-term stability, no capacitors, no external timing network, everything is digital. Sequencer has four high current MOSFET switches on output, they switching in 3 step (stage) with delay. Delay time can be selected by onboard jumper from two values - 15ms or 45ms.Three of MOSFET output port is "OPEN DRAIN" and "ground" active - OUT1, OUT2 and OUT3. Fourth MOSFET output port has external DC +12-30 input line (IN+) that switched ON (to OUT+ line) in TX mode and has same timing diagram as OUT3.

Output ports not protected, just bare DRAINS, so - be carefull, don't forget to use diodes in parallel with relay coils.

Sequencer can be switched to TX or RX mode by external footswitch only (active state - ground).


* Board size is 70 x 45 mm

* Output ports: 4 ports, 50v/3a max

* Input ports: Footswitch (active state - ground)

Delay time: 15 ms or 45 ms, onboard jumper selectable

DC input: 5-12VDC, >0.1A 

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