PICDuino PIC18F2550 development board

PICDuino PIC18F2550 development board

With hardware USB support and Virtual COM-port

PICDuino is a small development board featuring Microchip® PIC18F2550 device with fast USB 2.0 support. It features connection pads for all MCU pins. Also it has Virtual COM port on CH340G

With PICDuino you can build lots of USB devices, and have fun along the way. Build your home-made USB flash stick, USB datalogger, or even USB MP3 player. It can be used as a final product, as a standalone device. Board features PIC18F2550 device with USB 2.0 support. On-board USB connector, oscillator as well as power indicator LED provide all you need for quick start. All MCU pins are availabe through connection pads.

PIC18F2550 already has frimware for USB mikrobootloader.