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SWR/PWR meter with Wi-Fi interface

SWR/PWR meter with Wi-Fi interface

I use cheap module on base ESP8266 - NodeMCU v0.9
It has internal wifi server with GPIO and ADC functions. 
This is SWR and Power meter and you can watch all information in your smartphone  or PC. Just need web-browser.

After turn on you need check wifi networks and find "ESP8266". Password is null.
After connecting to "ESP8266" you need open web-browser and write "http://esp8266.local"
You'll see start page

Click "Config the wifi connection" and write your wifi network SSID and password. 
That's all. Now SWR/PWR meter is in your local networks. 
IP address you can find on page "Config the wifi connection"

Click "SWR/PWR meter page"

After your TX is ON you'll see next page

Power supply: 5-12 VDC 100 mA
Power display is actual traditional Fwd power.
SWR display resolution is .01  
Interface - any web-browser on Windows, Linux, iOS, Android.

Instructions for setting up the SWR/PWR meter with Wi-Fi interface

You need use Internet Explorer, Firefox, and do not use Google Chrome).

·         Required power supply – 5-9 VDC current from 100 mA and higher
·         Power is supplied through the 5.5*2.1 connector (plus is center pin)
·         Range - up to 50m when using an entry-level wi-fi router
·         Housing  – Gainta G0479
·         Full-scale power level – from 200 to 1000 Watt
·         Measuring power – PEP (Peak envelope power)
·         AP ID – «esp8266_swr»
·         Password  – «1234567890»
·         IP address in AP esp8266_swr –

Links for access: – wifi settings – page with swr/pwr meter. – start page

Before you start setting up, your router must have DHCP enabled!

When you first turn on, you need to connect the controller to your WI-FI network. To do this, you must search for available networks on your smartphone or computer. The swr/pwr meter creates a network "esp8266_swr" password "1234567890".

After connecting the network, go to the web browser at "". A window with wifi settings will open. You must enter the name and password of your network and click "Connect / Disconnect"

After that, at the address "" you can see the IP address of the device in your     WI-FI network. Now that the swr/pwr meter is connected to your network, you can disconnect from the "esp8266_swr" network. Further, to access the swr's web server, use the IP address issued by your wifi router.

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