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QRM Eliminator X-Phase (Фазовый подавитель помех) Update 09 Apr 2019

QRM Eliminator X-Phase (Фазовый подавитель помех)

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QRM Eliminator X-Phase


Problems with local QRM on HF? Often the answer is "yes". No matter if it's the elevator controller or an arcover on the high voltage line next to the garden. Most trouble comes from the local electronics, computers, television, power supplies or else. With this amazing accessory local QRM can be phased out, even when it's up to S9. No need to know where the noise comes from, could be the own packet radio machine or a welding machine some 100m away from you. The QRM-Eliminator is inserted in your antenna line, no need to modify your radio. It has a PTT-connection on the back, so it can be in line while transmitting. A second auxiliary antenna must be connected, ideal would be a small antenna close to the source of the noise, for example a small loop close to the elevator control, or some meters of wire somewhere in the shack or near the main antenna. Keep the antenna short enough, otherwise it will pick up your wanted signal in shortwave as well as the noise. The unwanted signal is picked up by both antennas with a different phase and both signals can be added and phased out, a clear frequency is left for your receiver Not comparable with a noise blanker.

Frequency range: 1.8 MHz - 30 MHz
Size: 100x100x45mm
Connections:    3xBNC for main antenna, auxiliary antenna and TRX.
RCA-jack for PTT
5.5*2.1 mm for Power supply
Supply needed: 13.8V/150mA.


·  Transmit antenna to "MAIN"
·  Transceiver to "TRX"
·  auxiliary antenna to "AUX"
Nearly every antenna is useable, local QRM can be picked up with a bad antenna. You can use another HF antenna or even the 2m antenna with only the center pin connected or some meter of wire behind the shelf in the shack. Best results can be achieved when the noise signal is same level on both antennas when GAIN1-knob is turned fully counterclock-wise, if not, try to change / move the second antenna. For testing the Signal just connect every antenna directly to the radio, then insert the QRM-Eliminator.
·  supply Voltage 13.8V / 150 mA to the "12VDC” jack, center is plus.
· when transmitting through the QRL-Eliminator connect the PTT-Line from the back of your radio where normally your PA is connected. PTT is active when center pin is grounded. Do not connect to the PTT-key on your microphone! Max. power rating is 100W. If you want to use a PA, the QRM-Eliminator is to be connected between PA and exciter.
When turned off, the main antenna is directly connected to your radio, you can transmit through the unit.

Turn on the unit, adjust GAIN1 to have the noise signal with same level on both antennas, then adjust with the PHASE and GAIN2 knobs the noise, both alternatively, to a minimum of noise. Then adjust the GAIN1 knob for less noise. If not possible, readjust the PHASE and GAIN2 knobs again until the minimum can be found. A bit difficult at first try, don't give up to early!
When found a minimum the local noise has to be nearly or totally gone and the wanted signal will be left over. If this signal is gone as well => the aux. antenna picks up to much of the wanted signal AND of the noise, change /modify the antenna. As all 3 knobs interact with each other, the adjustment can be a bit tricky.

When you believe, the unit does not work.... use your antenna analyzer as signal generator, put it somewhere in the shack. Connect both antenna jacks with a little banana lead and check for a S9 signal from your analyzer. Then with GAIN fully counterclock-wise, the signal must be phased out after adjusting the PHASE and GAIN2 knobs.

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  1. День добрый ! А наборчиком типа китом не продаете ???

    1. Добрый день. Нет, но если Вам очень хочется, могу предложить плату и набор деталей. Напишите мне на Email

    2. KIT is available here

  2. Есть ли возможность поставки в черном корпусе,и есть ли видео работы?

  3. Друг, доброе утро.
    Используется ли этот QRM Eraser для всех, кто живет в квартире в центре города?
    Я хочу поставить один из них, вы продаете этот комплект, какая цена?
    Дж. Карлос
    SP / SP

    1. Hello. You can buy it on Ebay

  4. Good afternoon, I have some doubts in the wires to put
    on the upper face there is a connection between the relay and the r4 + r5, I ask if I need to put a wire there
    I did not enclose a photo with the final links so my doubts
    My apologies
    Luis Valadas

    Доброго дня я маю певні сумніви щодо того, як поставити проводів
    на верхньому торці є зв'язок між реле і r4 + r5, я запитую, чи потрібно мені покласти дріт
    Я не поставив фото з фінальними посиланнями, так що мої сумніви
    Мої вибачення
    Луїс Валадас

  5. I am making the kit. Am confused about Tr1: the schematic seems to say 2:1 but the words in the lower left read 2:8 turns. Are the two turns connected on the AUX side and the eight turns to R9 ?

    1. Hello. 2 and 1 means secondary and primary. 2turns to Aux and 8 turns to R9.

  6. Thank you it is a wonderful kit I have made 3 now... G7MFR

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  8. мало эфективно . без фйнч ,Заметно Ослабляет полезный сигнал .

  9. Добрый день! Как купить KIT?

  10. Друг я не купил.
    Я сам создал эту схему, это было не сложно.
    У меня есть, если хотите, я могу пожертвовать вам.
    73 ''
    PU2OLT Oliveira

  11. Мой очень похож на этот или просто без коробки.

  12. Спасибо Антон, я сделал это, и это работает очень хорошо.Габор / Венгрия

  13. Добрый день. Возможно приобрести набор для сборки?

  14. Антон,хочу приобрести прибор. Часто бываю в Иркутске. Как удобнее это сделать? С уважением Михаил UB0AKA.