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Интернет-магазин радиоэлектроники

Flag RX antenna


ANTENNA SPLITTER RX ,HF 1-50 MHz , BNC connectors - 20 USD

End Fed Dipole 160-10m - 27 USD

4 комментария:

  1. Hi, I liked your product a lot but I had an incombeniente because I checked it in Miami and
    I work very well but when I move it to Cuba it stops working it goes back to miami
    And still in a bad state (broke) I do not know what happened. I'm going to buy another one and take it to Cuba.
    On the 27th to put it on a radio Sangean shorftware, I wait for your answer to see what I can do with the broken one. Thank you very much and congratulations for your product.
    Miguel Brito (AD4CQ).

  2. Hi Anton,

    all well received today. Many thanks an 73 from Germany, Sten, DK7BY

  3. I bought one from last year. I waited until the rainy season was over before using it. It worked great, but lasted about 10 seconds. I checked the power supply and was putting out 17 volts under no load. Obviously, I burnt something out. Do you have any helpful hints to repair it? Thanks in advance, Geoff., eBay geoffinjlm.